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​National travel support

Even at Takeda Machi Hotel

New Oita Travel Discount 2nd (national travel support) can be applied.


★ 20% off per person per night (up to 3000 yen/person)

★Electronic coupons that can be used during your stay (1000-2000 yen per night/person)


* To use electronic coupons, you need to install a dedicated application on your smartphone.


■Period: Until July 20, 2023 for accommodation

■ Target: Those who live in Japan and intend to travel


■ What you need: Vaccine 3 times (or more), or proof of negative test package


Identification card such as a driver's license (please bring one for everyone)


*Children under the age of 12 who live with us do not need to be vaccinated or tested.

■ How to use: Please tell us that you want to use it when you make a reservation!


▼ For other details, please check the official website below.

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