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​Oita Taketa Tourist Information |
Castle Town Walking Course

We will introduce recommended tourist spots in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture.

Takeda Introducing the castle town walk course.

It is a course that you can go around in 1 or 2 hours. Please enjoy Takeda Castle Town at your leisure.



■|Takeda Machi Hotel

​Starting from a small hotel in the middle of our castle town.


​↓4 minutes on foot



A wonderful bakery that sticks to using safe, seasonal and local ingredients such as [domestic wheat, homemade yeast, organic dried fruits, natural salt, cane sugar, spring water]. My personal recommendations are red bean paste butter, pain au chocolat, and campagne.


Closed: Mon-Wed


📍560-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓1 minute walk

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■Gallery |  Futo

Art gallery of Takeda-based art unit Olektronica. It also sells antiques and tools for daily life such as pottery made by artists, so it's easy to enter even if you're not familiar with art.


Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays


📍563-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓ Short walk


■Coffee|nageia coffee

This is a coffee shop that offers home-roasted specialty coffee one cup at a time. The atmosphere is nice and the coffee is delicious. It's also a place where wonderful people gather.


Regular holiday: Tuesday


📍563-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓8 minutes on foot

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Leather workshop/gallery|paisano

The studio and gallery of Shimpei Ogawa, who makes tools for daily life using leather and linen. Paisano tools are simple and easy to use, and the more you use them, the better they become. You can also see the workshop, and the gallery is lined with works by artists who have connections with Mr. Ogawa, as well as antiques. He has a friendly personality and is fun to talk to.


Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


📍234 Takeda-cho, Taketa City


​↓ Short walk


■ Shiitake mushroom wholesaler|Himeno Ichiro Shoten

Takeda is a top-class production area in Oita Prefecture, which produces the largest amount of dried shiitake mushrooms in Japan. Himeno Ichiro Shoten is the largest wholesaler and has a great selection of items. If you buy shiitake mushrooms here as a souvenir, you can't go wrong. Dried shiitake mushrooms are of course delicious, but shiitake mushrooms boiled in soy is also recommended. They will let you taste various things, so you can find what you like.


Regular holiday Wednesday


📍239 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓5 minutes on foot



■ Indigo dyeing workshop/gallery|
Konya Somekahi

From the design to the production of indigo dyeing using indigo that is organically cultivated without pesticides and self-collected. Small items such as earrings and towels can be purchased for 1,000 to 2,000 yen, so it's perfect as a memento of your trip.


Regular holiday 


📍21 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓1 minute walk


■Break place|Takeda Souseikan

Located at the entrance to Bukeyashiki Street, this building has been around since the Edo period and is open to the public as a city facility. There is a space with tatami mats and a porch... it's a place that doesn't have anything, but it feels good as a resting place. We bring a tool to make matcha, and we make tea here and drink it. Interesting, it's the best.


Closed on Mondays


📍2062-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

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​↓4 minutes on foot



■Historic Site|
Christian Cave Chapel

A hidden Christian chapel located a little off the Bukeyashiki Street. It's always a little dark and a little scary, but there's a mysterious air about it. Next to the chapel grotto is a grotto where two priests supposedly lived. Did people live here? It's also fun to imagine that I wouldn't want to live there.


By the way, it is said that the reason why it is called “hidden Christians” rather than “hidden Christians” is that both the lord of the castle and the government were Christians, and the whole town hid and protected Christians.


📍Taketa City Tonomachi


​↓4 minutes on foot



■ Shrine | Hirose Shrine

There are about 100 steps, but when you reach the top, you can see a breathtaking view of the city of Takeda. What is your favorite place in Takeda? This is what is often mentioned when asked. You can get a panoramic view of the cozy castle town on the mortar-shaped earth surrounded by mountains. It must be a special place where you can overlook the town full of life and memories.


There is also a small square with only slides, swings and jungle gyms. It's perfect for children to play around with.


📍Taketa City Takeda 2020


​The end of the walking course.


How about taking a walk around the castle town in Taketa?

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