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​Renovation Hotel Takeda Machi Hotel

Example of stay schedule


stay like living
​Rental Hotel

​Enjoy your time in Takeda

small town

Castle town/hot spring town (Nagayu)

Plateau (Kuju) and River (Kanbara)

​There are different areas to spend.

according to the season and mood

Be active or laid back.

​Enjoy the many faces of Takeda.

アンカー 1

First day

15:00 Check-in

16:00 Take a walk with matcha

17:30 8 minute walk from the hot spring (Kasuitsuki)

19:00 Dinner (kana's kitchen)

the 2nd day

7:00 A walk and breakfast Hot sandwiches on the mountain behind

10:30 Cafe Param sauna (20 minutes by car)

11:30 Sauna lunch

13:00 Leisurely sightseeing while enjoying a drive

16:00 Onsen Nagayu direction) (25 minutes by car) 

17:30 Sunset from Oka Castle

19:00 Dinner (nearby restaurant)

Third day


7:30 breakfast (Yoshitomi Japanese breakfast)

11:00 Check-out

アンカー 2

First day

15:00 Check-in

15:30 Matcha experience in your room

16:00 Stroll around the castle town

17:30 Hot spring (Tsuki no Shizuku Family Bath) 5 minutes by car

19:00 Dinner (takeout and self-catering)

20:30 Husband and wife toast after the children go to bed

アンカー 3

the 2nd day

7:00 Walk and breakfast (hot sandwiches on the mountain behind)

10:00 Leisurely sightseeing while enjoying a drive

12:00 Lunch (Kusumi area)

16:00 Hot spring (Kuju Kogen Cottage family bath)

18:30 Dinner (nearby restaurant)