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​Renovated hotel in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture

Room at Takeda Machi Hotel


Stay as if you are living like locals

Rental Vacation House Style Hotel 

Experience a real life in Taketa

More than just a place to stay, we want you to experience the uniqueness of this town. 

It is the “daily life” where nature, the town and its people are in harmony.


A corner of the historic street
A door that looks like the entrance to a hideout

Located 7 minutes’ walk from Bungo Taketa Station 

in a historical part of the city that retains its traditional atmosphere.

The entrance is through a door that looks like the gateway to a hideaway.

The Italian restaurant on the ground floor “Kana's Kitchen” is a popular restaurant that attracts people from the local area and all over Oita.


Two rooms were renovated from a vacant house.

Two rooms with a living room with a kitchen and a bedroom are renovated from a vacant house.


It can accommodate up to four people with spare futons and your children.


Ideal living room & kitchen

“Travelling" but feeling as if you were “living”

Even though it should be "traveling",

"The feeling of being alive".

Your stay at Taketa Machi Hotel is like showing the ideal lifestyle that you may have dreamed of.


Feel the sensation of sound and light from the window next to the sofa and the desk.

When you need to take a break, take a seat on the comfortable sofa.

Take a seat in a small study booth when working or reading.

Through the windows, you can feel the sound and light of Taketa's townscape.


Matcha time served with spring water

As a welcome sweet, we prepare Tajimaya tea cakes and Matcha green tea made from spring water.


This is a great way to reset your body and mind so that you can get out of travel mode and into “Taketa time”.


Dinner package cooking on the stove

A package plan is available for cooking vegetables from the Kodama Farm (a local organic farm) in your room.


Roast Bungo pork and vegetables cooked on the stove is superb.


Sparkling coffee drops

We have coffee sets that you can grind and drip from a coffee mill.

The coffee drops look beautiful in the light from the kitchen window.


Chef-supervised hot sandwich set

We wondered what a typical Taketa breakfast would be.

The hot sandwiches were supervised by Takahiko Kuwashima, one of Taketa's leading Italian chefs and a set of vegetable soups made using koji (malted rice).

The sandwiches are delivered ready for the grill.



The bedroom has a double bed and two extra futons and can accommodate up to four people.

Children are welcome to stay with you.


Washroom and bathroom

There are a shower room, washroom, and closets available.


stay like living
​Rental Hotel

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