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Oita Taketa City Nagayu Onsen Enjoyment Course

In Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, there is a historic hot spring town called Nagayu. The mountains are close by, a gentle river flows, and the hot springs lined up along the river have a variety of spring qualities. We, who live in the local area, will introduce recommended courses for driving around. First thing in the morning, before eating breakfast, I want you to leave without makeup. We have 3 hot springs, but please choose where you like.



■ Hot spring|Nagayu Onsen Recuperative Culture Museum

Hot springs starting at 6:00 in the morning! You can take a bath while listening to the murmuring of the river. Even though it is a large town-run hot spring, the quality of the spring is good because it flows directly from the source. There are regular hot water, open-air baths, cold baths, and even saunas. There is also a family bath in a designed space, which is also recommended.


Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of every month Adults 500 yen


📍7962-1 Naoiricho Nagayu, Taketa City

DSC07505 2.JPG

​↓13 minutes by car


■ Tofu shop|
Freshly made tofu Yusui Chaya

Have breakfast here. You can't miss the oboro tofu and freshly fried tofu. You can choose from a variety of options, such as chicken rice, jumbo inari-san, okara donuts, and more, depending on your hunger.


I'm the type of person who can eat pork cutlet as soon as I wake up, so I eat beef tendon mapo tofu in the morning. It's so delicious.


By the way, it is in the water station Oguni. You can draw spring water, and the water here is unusually neutral and has a reputation for enhancing the taste of tea, coffee, and other dishes. It would be nice to bring a bottle.


Closed on Tuesdays


📍1385-5 Shimoda Kita, Naoiricho, Taketa City

DSC03240 2_edited.png

​↓17 minutes by car



■ Shrine | Momiyama Shrine

Ghibli-like! It's a place that everyone says, and even if you don't like shrines, you'll be hooked.


A shrine with a history that is even mentioned in the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan). I don't know exactly when the Nihon Shoki is written, but you can tell how old it is by looking at the thickness of the sacred tree. There are huge trees on both sides of the moss-covered cobblestone stairs, and the sacred tree in the back has a trunk circumference of 11 meters.


8352 Nagayu, Naoiri-cho, Taketa-shi


​↓5 minutes by car


■ Cafe|Gypsy Smile Cafe

Dishes made with safe and secure ingredients by the owner who has traveled all over the world. Olive oil, salt, meat, vegetables. Simple but special because the material is good. I recommend pizza and curry.


Gateau chocolate for dessert! I like the gateau chocolate here the most. Using carefully selected cacao powder, it has an elegant taste with a deep cacao taste rather than chocolate!


You can spend a leisurely time while overlooking the glittering lake and the mountains of Kuju.


Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


7506-1 Nagayu, Ichinaoirimachi, Taketa City


​↓4 minutes by car



■Outdoor hot spring|Ganiyu

It is said that a crab that fell in love with his daughter was struck by lightning and formed the hot spring (I didn't know that...).


A super open hot spring in the middle of the river, with no fences or a proper dressing room. Free to enter at any time. It is cold in winter, so it is recommended to bring a bathing suit from spring to autumn.


There aren't many Japanese people staying here, but it should be a good memory of your trip. Because it is outdoors, the leaves are floating, but that is also charming.


↓1 minute by car


■ Shuwashuwa natural bubble bath |
Lamune hot spring

After the crab bath, let's warm up in a proper hot spring. This is a low-temperature carbonated spring that is rare in the world. The silvery bubbles (carbon dioxide) gushing out from the water cling to your body, giving you the experience of being in a ramune drink. The outdoor bath is at a low temperature like this Ramune, and the indoor bath is a moderate temperature of 42 degrees.


Not only soaking in it, but drinking it seems to have excellent health benefits. But the taste is... iron.


First Wednesday of every month


TEL 0974-75-2620

📍 7676-2 Nagayu, Naoirimachi, Taketa City

IMG_7052 3.JPG
IMG_7054 2.JPG

How about enjoying Nagayu Onsen?

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