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Taketa Machi Hotel is located in the castle town of Taketa, Oita Prefecture.

The hotel is integrated into the castle town and blends with the city.

Experience the “lifestyle” of the people who live in this town and enjoy a stay as if you are living like the locals.

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Renovated a traditional Japanese-style house.

The living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms are renovated traditional Japanese-style.

It can accommodate up to 4 people, and children are welcome to stay with you.

The rooms are decorated with works by local writers and artists.



More than just staying

To the "specialness of this town" that we feel

I would like to meet you.


Special of this town

It's in your life.


Matcha made with spring water

Coffee brewed on the mountaintop.


Vegetables delivered directly from local organic farmers

There is also a plan that allows you to cook in your room.



​A trip to meet life and people

There are many people I would like to meet.


check-in location,

The share house "Living Laboratory IKI" next door is

You can use it as a lounge.


Natural interaction with residents will be born.

​Power supply and Wi-Fi are also available.

Please use it as a workspace.



​Know the producer
the joy of eating

Organic farming, natural farming farmers,

A hunter who changes the impression of gibier.

Oita Wagyu beef, Bungo pork.

A 3-minute walk from a natural yeast bakery to a sake brewery.

At partner restaurants or in-room dining plans

Knowing from the producer, only that person can produce

Enjoy the taste.


Daily life.
That's what makes this town special.

We love this town.


Nature, history, streets, hot springs, people.

If you compare them with other towns in terms of conditions,

Oh my God.


We probably like

The "daily life" of this town.


Agriculture, nature and town are connected,

People's lives are in that cycle.


That's why I want you to stay as if you were living here.


The experience is like a mirror,

photograph your life

I think so.

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