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Takeda Machi Hotel

we like this town

Taketa City, Oita Prefecture. A population of just under 20,000. It is far from the airport, has little flat land and is difficult to attract companies, and has an aging rate of 47%.


It is said that there is no way to develop this town, so the members who have come all the way to run this "Takeda Machi Hotel" are about to run.


We love this town.


Nature, history, streets, hot springs, people. If you compare them with other towns in terms of conditions, there will be nothing. But I like the town of Takeda.


That's why we want people who have come all the way to meet our favorite Takeda.


We have gathered things that are full of Takeda's character in the hotel. Ceramics, bamboo crafts, art works.


I believe that the charm of Takeda lies in people's lives, so we have incorporated mechanisms that allow people to meet people and connect with their lives.


Entire town in one hotel

A normal hotel is a complete building, but at this Takeda Machi Hotel, the entire castle town is likened to a hotel, connecting with the town so that you can stay there.

The whole house is rented, so it's perfect for couples, children, and family trips.


For check-in, go to the share house "Kurasu Lab IKI" which is 3 buildings next door. The first floor space here can be used as a lounge and work space. Please enjoy the natural interaction that occurs with the residents.

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The restaurant is affiliated with the Italian restaurant "kana's kitchen" located under Takeda Machi Hotel. You can enjoy a course meal like a jewel packed with the blessings of Takeda.

Kana's kitchen のディナー前菜

Drip coffee, matcha green tea, hot sandwiches for breakfast, all of which can be taken outdoors. You can spend a delicious time at the scenic spot of Takeda, such as the mountain top, the Japanese garden, the park, the ruins of the castle, the plateau, the riverbed.

For baths, we will recommend the one that suits your taste from among the more than 20 hot springs in Takeda.


Please enjoy a stay that connects the “places” where we live in Takeda.


We live in Takeda

"Locationcome to connect


stay connected

Please enjoy.

​We welcome you

​Tadashi Ichihara

I live and run a share house called “Kurasu no Shibetsushitsu IKI”, which is three houses away from Machi Hotel. A family of 5, including 3 children, and 6 residents. I usually live with 10 or more people.


He looks like this, but he's a super city boy who grew up in Ebisu, Shibuya Ward. What I like is alcohol. If you have trouble choosing a drink, please feel free to ask us.

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​Shiho Ichihara

Plays the role of the mother of the share house "Kurasuru Kenbetsu IKI". Born in Kobe, lived in Yokohama, Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Osaka before moving to Takeda with his family four years ago. My hobbies are cooking, painting, and reading.

At Machi Hotel, I am in charge of a wide range of tasks, from website and SNS updates to reception and meals.

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暮らす実験室 IKIの市原
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