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We rent out picnic sets.

The town of Oita Takeda has a lot of blank space that is not found in the city.


Our favorite is to take out the "tools for daily life" that make coffee and matcha in such a margin and enjoy them in the town.


For those staying at the hotel, we lend goods free of charge so that you can enjoy coffee and matcha green tea outdoors.


​Outdoor coffee

To heal is to be in harmony with yourself

Understanding the connection between body and mind

Awareness, Healing, Harmony

transform your life

I'm here to help

A wonderful bakery that sticks to using safe, seasonal and local ingredients such as [domestic wheat, homemade yeast, organic dried fruits, natural salt, cane sugar, spring water]. My personal recommendations are red bean paste butter, pain au chocolat, and campagne.


Closed: Mon-Wed


📍560-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City


​Outdoor coffee

Let us introduce Mr. Tsuchida, who has been treated many times.


Originally, Mr. Tsuchida, who worked at an osteopathic clinic in Tokyo, had doubts about treating dozens of people every minute.


“The assembly line-like treatment only promotes temporary improvement and cannot approach the essential problem solving.”

Often the source of the pain is not where it hurts, but somewhere else. For example, the lower back hurts, but the cause may be in the legs, or stress and worries.

I became independent because I wanted to face each person more carefully.


Since opening in Saitama, we have deepened our original treatments by incorporating not only manipulative treatment but also healing upon request.


Since moving to Taketa City, Oita Prefecture and opening a salon here in September last year, the number of fans has steadily increased, and it has become popular not only in Takeda but also in various places for treatments at the request of customers.

​Outdoor coffee

It was a 30-minute treatment, but strangely my body became lighter. He has the power of a gentle healer, who knows the state of mind and body by touching the body. I want to repeat

I no longer have stiff shoulders and headaches that didn't go away even after going to massages and chiropractic treatments! I was able to listen to the story slowly and feel refreshed!

Everyone says, "You're good. You're a good person." I think you are good at it.

It's good at directly approaching problems such as back pain, stiff shoulders, and when you're tired or you can't move your body due to mental reasons.

​Outdoor coffee


Art gallery of Takeda-based art unit Olektronica. It also sells antiques and tools for daily life such as pottery made by artists, so it's easy to enter even if you're not familiar with art.


Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays


📍563-1 Takeda-cho, Taketa City

​Outdoor coffee

◎ Chiropractic / healing session

90 minutes / 8000 yen 60 minutes / 5000 yen

Manipulative treatment that approaches the body

The main healing is to adjust the flow of chakras and energy.

After consultation, we will arrange the contents of the day, such as only chiropractic, healing only, and so on.

Through treatment, it's time to feel, realize, and know yourself.

For reservations, please use the contact information below.


Date and time (It would be helpful if you could give us 2 or 3 suggestions.)

Desired course

[90 minutes/manipulative/healing session]

[60 minutes/manipulative/healing session]


Please let us know

​<Please be sure to indicate that you would like treatment at a town hotel.>

Feel free to contact us for any other inquiries




Official LINE (you can also register from the add friend button below)



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