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We rent out picnic sets.

The town of Oita Takeda has a lot of blank space that is not found in the city.


Our favorite is to take out the "tools for daily life" that make coffee and matcha in such a margin and enjoy them in the town.


For those staying at the hotel, we lend goods free of charge so that you can enjoy coffee and matcha green tea outdoors.

​Outdoor coffee

​ーfamily tripー

Just lying on the bed as a family, waiting for daddy to make coffee,

reading picture books. I can't believe the moment when it's nothing is shining like this.

​-couple trip-

Cut out the time of two people staying like living. Leave a special appearance of two natural people.

​Outdoor coffee

​ーSolo Travel Editionー

I know that my face that tastes the journey is much more beautiful than I imagined. Alone time teaches us that it's irreplaceable to be yourself.

​-couple trip-

In the town of Takeda, the ordinary streets and shops are just a little picture-perfect. Let's leave a picture of the two of us living together for the future.